Conflicts of interest

IQWiG's assessments are professionally independent. External experts participating in IQWiG's assessments are therefore obliged to disclose contacts (particularly with industry). Participants in commenting procedures are similarly required to disclose any conflicts of interest if they would like to take part in debates.

Information to be disclosed

  • paid employment, self-employed and voluntary activities
  • consultancy activities
  • financial support received for research activities and patent applications
  • payments received
  • other financial or cash-value payments
  • the possession of shares, share options or other company shares
  • any other circumstances that, from the point of view of an impartial observer, may be assessed as conflict of interest

An obligation for disclosure exists for

  • external experts involved in IQWiG's assessments
  • patient or other person affected involved in establishing patient-relevant outcomes
  • participants in an oral debate as part of a commenting procedure

Documents on conflicts of interest

Different forms for disclosure of potential conflicts of interest are available for different kinds of participation.

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