Register as an external expert

If you follow the link below, you can register in our database of external experts. Your registration signals your willingness as an external expert to answer specific questions on therapeutic indications, therapy, and every-day health care in one or several of the following fields of work:

  • early benefit assessment of drugs (according to AMNOG)
  • assessment of the potential of non-drug interventions (according to GKV-VStG)
  • Assessments according to §137h SGB V on treatment and examination methods with high-risk class medical devices (according to GKV-VSG)
  • easily-understandable texts for Informed Health Online

Note: A general precondition for working as an external expert at IQWiG is that the consultation can be conducted in German. You therefore have to use the following link to register on the German pages of IQWiG.

Save result list

To save your search result, please copy the link below and paste it into a new tab/window.