Submitting comments on IQWiG's assessments

You can comment on intermediate stages of our reports and HTA reports and point out further aspects or missing data. A public commenting procedure (= hearing) is conducted after publication of the following documents:

  • report plans and preliminary reports of (final) reports
  • preliminary basic reports of HTA reports at ThemenCheck Medizin

Further opportunities to submit comments

You can find topics currently suggested for HTA reports on our website (in German). On this website, you can ask your questions for research and suggest topics for assessments of examination and treatment methods.

Commenting procedures are also conducted for early benefit assessments of drugs pursuant to AMNOG (dossier assessments), for assessments of the potential of non-drug interventions, and for assessments pursuant to §137h SGB V. However, these are not conducted by IQWiG, but by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). The G-BA’s website provides information on these commenting procedures for early benefit assessments of drugs, for assessments of the potential and testing of non-drug interventions, and for assessments according to §137h.

You can also find information on current IQWiG commenting procedures on our homepage.

Current commenting procedures

V18-01Guideline synopsis for the DMP “type 2 diabetes” zum Vorbericht 06.06.2019
S19-01Prostate cancer screening with the PSA test zum Berichtsplan 26.06.2019

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