Formal requirements for comments

Your comment must meet certain formal requirements so that we can consider it:

  • Eligible participants: Anyone who has an interest in a particular assessment can submit a comment on the documents undergoing a hearing, i.e. so-called natural persons (= private individuals) and legal entities (= associations, institutions and companies). In the case of legal persons, the person(s) submitting comments must also give their name(s).
  • Form of the comment: Comments must be submitted to IQWiG in writing, in German, by the deadline and using the form "Template for submission of a comment". Further information on data protection aspects can be found in this form and here „Information on data protection" (German version). In addition to the comment itself, the full texts of the literature cited must also be submitted to IQWiG within the deadline so that the comment can be considered. Further information on this issue can also be found in the "Template for submission of a comment" (see link below).
  • Deadlines: The deadline for submitting comments begins with the publication of the document undergoing a hearing. The deadline for the submission of comments can be found on the IQWiG homepage and on the respective webpage. The date and time of receipt of the comments by IQWiG are decisive for meeting the deadline.
  • Submission of the comment: Please submit the comments to IQWiG  preferably by e-mail and ideally as a PDF, stating the project number and document type in the subject line: (subject: e.g. comment on preliminary report S19-01).

    For comments on the draft of the General Methods, please use the e-mail address: (subject: e.g. comments on the methods paper)

    In exceptional cases, comments may also be submitted by post to the following address:

    Institut für Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Gesundheitswesen
    Comments on [enter document type and project number (e.g. preliminary report N19-02 / General methods draft for version ...)].
    Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Windeler
    Im Mediapark 8
    50670 Köln

    After receipt of the comment, you will receive confirmation of receipt from IQWiG.

  • Publication by IQWiG: The complete content of the comments, including the names of the persons submitting comments and, if applicable, the institution is published on the IQWiG website in the "Documentation of the hearing [on the report plan/preliminary report/preliminary HTA report/draft of the General Methods]". The section marked on the cover sheet of the template for comments ("Contact details") and letters attached to the comments (e.g. e-mail or letter) are not published. Further details on publication can be found in the "Template for submission of comments" and in the document "Information on data protection".

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