[A13-18] Addendum to Commission A12-18 (dapagliflozin)



Commission: Commission awarded on 2013-04-23 by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA)
Status:Commission completed
Department/Division:Drug Assessment
Current document:PDF Addendum to Commission A12-18 (dapagliflozin)  [PDF, 234 kB]Further documents

If the need for additional work on a project commissioned by the G-BA arises during consultations, then IQWiG presents a report in the form of an "addendum". The G-BA subsequently decides on the extent of the added benefit, thus completing the early benefit assessment.

Contact address:to the contact form
Linked projects: [A12-18] Dapagliflozin - Benefit assessment according to § 35a Social Code Book V (dossier assessment)
Status: Commission completed

Report documents

Report documents

2013-06-06 Addendum to Commission A12-18 (dapagliflozin) 234 kBPDFdownload file

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Federal Joint Committee (G-BA)

2013-06-06 A G-BA decision was published.

G-BA documents on this decision

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